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Shoulder Holster
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Our Shoulder Holster is simple to use and extremely versatile.  With one of the largest shoulder pads on the market you will be able to wear the holster all day without feeling any pressure.  The non-slip nylon mess shoulder pad also allows for air circulation so you feel cooler while wearing your holster.  The shoulder holster is easily adjustable between all body types and age groups.  With three adjustments placed strategically around the holster you can adjust the holster to fit both men and women shoulders.

The Shoulder Holster can be worn in 3 different positions; horizontal on the shoulder, vertical on the shoulder and canted on either the right or left side hip.  It is made of 100% USA cowhide leather and suede lined for added protection against wear marks.  It also has a velcro adjustable thumb break which allows you to switch from an inside to an outside break position.

To reduce the tangling of straps, the Shoulder Holsters consists of a single strap that connects the shoulder pad to your pants or belt on the opposite side of the gun.  The strap goes across the base of the neck and drops down to the pants.  At this point, the strap is securely anchored to the waist band or the belt by a suspender clamp.  An additional accessory bungee strap can be added to the holster to help restrict excess movement while being more active.  ***Please note that the accessory bungee strap is not included with the Shoulder Holster and can be purchased under the Accessories page.***


Material The Packer holster is comprised of a 6oz leather exterior and 6oz suede interior. The suede interior is softer and reduces the chance of causing wear marks on your handgun. Because these holsters are suede lined they are not wet-moldable.
Retention This holster is cut to the frame size of your gun and has an adjustable thumb break for added retention. The thumb break is also adjustable.
Carry Positions On the shoulder the holster can be carried in the horizontal or vertical positions and can be manipulated to any degree in-between. On the belt, the holster is worn 15 Degrees canted, either left or right hand. Completely ambidextrous, on the shoulder or the belt.
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Attachment Options The Shoulder holster has two different attachment options. It can be worn on the holster and attaches to the pants or the belt with a suspender clamp on the off-side of the gun. And can also be attached to the pants or belt on the gun side with a bungee tie down/suspender clamp combination. The holster can also be worn on the hip and attaches with belt slide loops that allow you to wear the holster in a canted position, right or left handed.