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Pocket Holster
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Designed to mimic a wallet in the front or back pocket, the pocket holster eliminates gun imprinting on your pocket. A two-ply, suede and leather holster that fits most small frame .380s and J-frames. The front can be wet-molded to the body lines of your gun.


Material The holster is comprised of a 6oz leather front that has been treated to eliminate the oils, in order to reduce the chance of causing wear marks on your handgun. Due to the light weight leather you are capable of molding the front of the holster to the body lines of your gun. It also has a suede backing.
Retention This holster works on friction hold. After wet-molding the front of your holster to the body lines of your gun, you now have a perfectly fitted holster. The back of the holster is lined with suede which helps to retain the holster in your pocket.
Ammunition Options
Type of Attachment The Pocket holster fits snuggly into the front or back pockets of your pants.
Carry Positions Front or back pant pockets; jacket pockets, purse or other bag.