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The Shoulder Belt is one part of a 3-piece system that features a unique oval design that reduces pressure points and evenly disperses weight over the whole upper body. The belt comes in two colors; black and brown and four sizes (small, medium, large and X-large) and quickly adjusts up to 4″ larger or 4″ smaller (per each size) by moving two chicago screws.  This allows you to wear it all year long, either over a t-shirt or over a parka.  The Shoulder Belt is a holster system that can grow with you, from a child to an adult.

The Shoulder Belt is made of two-ply construction, premium grade cowhide leather outer and a soft suede lining for additional personal comfort.  A properly fitting belt should be approximately 4" off your waist and should either sit flush again your body or have as minimal air pocket as possible.  When you bend over (like you are picking something up off the ground) the holster should stay in place.  If the holster and belt twist around you body the belt is too big.  Most people will only adjust the sizing one or two inches all year long, even while wearing multiple layers.  If you need just a little more room, we offer 3" and 6" extensions.

To complete the Bandito Shoulder Belt system, check out our numerous holsters and ammunition loops or magazine pouches.  Holsters are available for most handguns which include; all sizes of revolvers, Thompson Contenders/Encores, semi-automatics, scoped and unscoped handguns.  Custom holsters can be made for new to the market handguns or those hard to holster guns. Ammunition loops and magazine pouches come in a variety of styles and for all calibers on the market.  Both ammunition loops and magazine holders are attahced to the Shoulder Belt with 4 chicago screws (included with the belt).

See the sizing chart below to help pick your size.  Due to many clothing companies labeling their sizes differently and many different body shapes and styles, we recommend that you cross reference your size from the chart below with your clothing size.  You can simply do this by checking the size of shirt you wear and choosing the next size smaller for your Bandito belt.  For example: if you wear a Large shirt, you should chose a Medium belt and if you wear a X-Large shirt then order a Large belt.  If you are in-between sizes then we recommend that you order your belt based on your location of hunting (Southern states = warmer weather/less layers of clothes = smaller size vs Northern states = colder weather/more layers of clothes = larger size).


Type of Attachment The shoulder belt has no additional attachments. It simply lays over your body and due to the unique design and construction material, stays put.
Material The Bandito Shoulder Belt is comprised of a 8oz leather exterior and 8oz suede interior. The suede interior is softer and provides friction against your clothing to help keep it in place.
Retention The belt is cut on an oval shape to match the contours of your body. Due to the shape and suede lining, the belt hugs your body and does not move around.
Carry Positions The shoulder belt lays across your body and allows for a cross-draw carry of your gun.