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Desert Eagle
Shamrock Holsters

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The Desert Eagle holsters are made of a 6oz leather and 6oz suede and stitched together with a bonded nylon thread.  The suede lining helps protect the finish of you handgun and the adjustable thumb break allows for a more snug retention. The belt loop features two heavy duty directional safety snaps for added security.  The holster comes in both black and brown leather and features an attached magazine pouch to hold your extra magazines.  The holster also comes in right and left handed styles.

This holster can be worn directly on the waist belt or can be added to our Bandito Shoulder Belt, which allows you to get the weight off your hip and disperse it evenly over your whole upper body.  If you would like to carry more magazines for you gun, we offer a screw on magazine pouch that attaches to the Bandito Shoulder Belt.


Type of Attachment The hunting holsters attaches around your belt by snapping two directional snaps. Directional snaps only come off one way and go back on in the reverse direction.
Material The hunting holsters are comprised of a 8oz leather exterior and 8oz suede interior. The suede interior is softer and reduces the chance of causing wear marks on your handgun. Because these holsters are suede lined they are not wet-moldable.
Retention These holsters are cut to the frame size of your gun and have an adjustable thumb break for added retention. The thumb break is also adjustable.
Frame Size
Common Guns Desert Eagle
Carry Positions These holsters can be worn on the hip or can be worn on the Bandito Shoulder Belt as a cross draw holster.