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Our Scoped Holsters are 100% custom made to your gun/scope combination.  No two holsters will every be the same, due to the eye relief/arm length of each person.  Each holster is made of three layers; the cowhide outer leather, a middle layer of thin metal for reinforcement, and a soft suede lining that protects the finish of your handgun.  The holster is designed to cover not only the gun but also the scope as well.  The middle layer of metal wraps fully around the gun and scope to add protection and retain the shape, allowing you to re-holster easier.  

The holster attaches to your waist belt with heavy duty directional safety snaps.  If you would like to get the weight of the gun off your hips, try our Bandito Shoulder Belt.  The Bandito belt allows you to wear the holster in a cross-draw fashion and disperses the weight evenly over your whole upper body.

Depending on how your Holographic sight is mounted your holster may be one complete piece or have a flap that snaps on and off, in order to remove your handgun.  Becuase all Scoped holsters are custom made please allow 2-4 weeks for production and shipping.

If you have a Thompson Center or Encore and would like you gun scope covered, please see the Thompson Center (8-12" barrel) or (13-16" barrel) page to order.

If you have a variable or red dot sight, please see the Scoped Holsters - Variable & Red Dot page.  Becuase all Scoped holsters are custom made please allow 2-4 weeks for production and shipping.



Measurements must be accurate to 1/8 inch. If you are uncertain about the measurement, please mail us a tracing of your gun.  You can do this by placing your gun on a sheet of paper and using a standard pen to trace around the outline of your gun (Faxing or scanning the tracing of the gun itself causes distortion of the true size).


Type of Attachment The Scoped holsters attach around your belt by snapping two directional snaps. Directional snaps only come off one way and go back on in the reverse direction.
Material The Scoped holsters are comprised of a 8oz leather exterior, a thin metal interior (that covers the scope), and 8oz suede interior. The metal interior helps to retain the shape and provide some protection to the scope. The suede interior is softer and reduces the chance of causing wear marks on your handgun. Because these holsters are suede lined and have a metal interior, they are not wet-moldable.
Retention These holsters are cut to the dimensions that you provide from your gun and scope. They are 100% custom made. They have a adjustable hammer thong for added retention.
Frame Size
Common Guns Custom made to your measurements.
Carry Positions These holsters can be worn on the hip or can be worn on the Bandito Shoulder Belt as a cross draw holster.