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Ammo - Screw On
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Our screw-on ammunition loops are designed for easy changing.  Four chicago screws allow you to switch out any size caliber loops on our Bandito Shoulder Belt.  Composed of a premium grade cowhide leather exterior and a suede lining for a non-slip hold each set of loops has a continuous leather strip, stretched to each caliber size to reduce the chance of stretching after use.  Loops can be made to fit any size caliber or gauge, a standard of 10 loops for most calibers (.22cal and .17cal have 18 loops) and 8 loops for most gauges.

Loops come in black or brown leather and can be ordered in any size caliber or gauge.  If you would like loops made for an uncommon caliber/gauge, all we request is 10-12 empty cartridges/shells and we will return those casing when we send you your loops.


Ammunition Options
Type of Attachment The Ammunition Loops - Screw On; are designed to be utilized with the Bandito Shoulder Belt. They come with 4 chicago screws that are easily taken apart and allow you to change the loops to fit the caliber you need for your gun.
Styles The screw on loops contain 10 cartridges or 8 shotgun shells.
Retention All ammunition loops are hand tightened to the exact dimensions of each cartridge or shotgun shell.
Material The ammunition loops are comprised of 5oz leather and a 3oz suede backing. All loops are hand tightened with one continuous strap looped through evenly spaced slots and sewn into the ends.