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The double shoulder harness is comprised of two non-slip perforated nylon shoulder pads and nylon straps that can easily adjust to all body types and age groups.  With two adjustments for each holster and one for your shoulders you can adjust the double shoulder holster to fit both men and women shoulders.  Just like the single shoulder pad, the double harness allows you to carry your pistol in both the horizontal and vertical positions.

As an added feature, when you buy the double shoulder harness, we give you an extra strap which allows you to covert your double shoulder harness into a single shoulder holster which can be worn either left or right hand.  

The bungee tie-down attaches to the shoulder holster with an adjustable clamp and then to either your pants or belt with a suspender clasp.  The bungee tie-down allows you to move more freely while wearing your shoulder holster.  The tie-down can easily be removed and switched out between your shoulder holsters, eliminating the need for multiple tie-downs when you have multiple holsters.

Straps only, holsters not included!


Type of Attachment Each side of the Double Harness attaches to each other with a plastic slide that allows you to adjust the comfort level. Each holster comes with a Bungee Tie-down that attaches to your pants or belt with a suspender clamp.
Material Non-slip perforated nylon mesh and nylon straps.