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Extensions for the Shoulder Belts come in two lengths; 3" and 6" and are attached to the back of the Shoulder belt with four chicago screws.  If you find that you are right between sizes or need just a little extra room, we suggest getting an extension.  The Shoulder Belts adjustments are normally sufficent for most customers. For those customers that are outside of the Shoulder Belt sizing chart we can also custom make a longer extension.  If you have any question on if an extension is right for you, please contact us.


Type of Attachment The extension attaches to your Bandito Shoulder Belt near the bottom, where the holster sits. By removing two screws and inserting the extension, you now have the needed extra room.
Material The extensions are comprised of a 8oz leather exterior and 8oz suede interior. The suede interior is softer and helps to grip your clothing.