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Our holster contains an extremely powerful, Rare Earth, Neodymium magnet that is attached to a strip of metal insert in the paddle flap which secures the holster in place. The magnet is good for 100 years!

The Magnetic Holster is a body hugging, compact holster with a built-in channel sight. This holster comes in right and left handed versions.  It can be worn multiple places on the waistband; inside or outside your pants strong side, appendix or at the small of your back.  The versatility begins when you take it off your waist. Here’s a brief listing of some of the places customers have reported using their Magnetic Holster – their car, their boat, the frame of their bed, the handle of their desk drawer and about their cash register. Applications are limited to your imagination!

You create your own molded holster by simply following the included directions to have a custom formed fitted holster. The directions are also listed on the FAQs page.

The Magnetic Holster is made of premium grade cowhide leather with a protective coating inside to safeguard the finish of your handgun.

***Please note that not all lasers and/or lights will be able to fit into a Magnetic holster.  Crimson Trace, LaserMax, LaserLight are a couple of the brands of laser that are very compatible with the Magnetic holsters.  Viridian, ArmaLaser and Osprey laser/lights are not very compatible with the Magentic Holsters.  These holsters may be able to be custom made for the smaller/micro 9mm and 380 cal's but larger full size guns may not fit.  If you have any questions if your gun/laser/light combination will fit into a Magnetic Holster please send us an email or text message before ordering.*** 


Type of Attachment The Magnetic Holster attaches to your belt similar to a basic paddle holster. The main difference is the holster has a rare-earth magnet near the barrel of the gun and this attaches to the metal plate in the paddle portion of the holster.
Material The Magnetic holster is comprised of a 6oz leather that has been treated to eliminate the oils, in order to reduce the chance of causing wear marks on your handgun. Due to the light weight leather you are capable of molding the holster to the body lines of your gun.
Retention This holster works on friction hold. After wet-molding your holster to the body lines of your gun, you now have a perfectly fitted holster.
Carry Positions 15 Degree forward canted; hand specific - right or left hand on the hip, small of back; inside the pants, cross-draw