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The Clip Holster is made from 3oz premium grade cowhide leather and coated with a protective finish on the inside.  The protective finished inside helps to reduce the wear marks on your gun.  The holster is just one of our wet-moldable holsters.  A wet-moldable holster allows you to mold the leather to the body lines of your gun for a custom made holster right at home!  Other companies use a thicker leather and use an industrial press to conform the leather to certain guns and charge you more.  We reduce the cost of the holster and allow you to get involved.  The whole wet-molding process takes less then 15 mins and the remainder of the time is alotted for drying.  You can speed up the process by using a vacuum sealer, see our FAQ's page on our homepage.  

This holster offers a built-in channel site, which allows for a smooth draw every time.  It also is completely ambidextrous, capable of being worn both right and left handed; inside or outside the pants and in the small of the back.  It offers a 90 Degree carry and the spring steel clip can fit on any belt up to 2" wide.


Type of Attachment The Clip holster attaches to your belt with a re-enforced steel clip, that curves back around onto itself for a more secured fit. The steel attachment clip can fit over any belt up to 2" wide.
Material The Clip holster is comprised of a 6oz leather that has been treated to eliminate the oils, in order to reduce the chance of causing wear marks on your handgun. Due to the light weight leather you are capable of molding the holster to the body lines of your gun.
Retention This holster works on friction hold. After wet-molding your holster to the body lines of your gun, you now have a perfectly fitted holster.
Carry Positions 90 Degrees on the hip, small of the back, inside or outside the pants, left or right handed (ambidextrous)