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Pancake Holster
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Our pancake style holster is a body hugging, compact holster with a built-in channel sight. It is completely ambidextrous and can be worn by right or left handed individuals in 4 positions just in one spot.

Create your own molded holster by following the simple wet-molding instructions included with every order.  Once the holster has dried you have a custom formed holster to fit your handgun.  The wet-molding process allows you to custom make a holster for those hard to find holsters or those uncommon or new to the market handguns like the Glock 42.

The pancake style holster is made of premium grade black cowhide leather with a coated inside to safeguard the finish of your handgun.


Type of Attachment The Pancake holster attaches to your belt with slide loops. With four holes instead of the standard two or three holes of most holster, the Pancake holster is capable of being carried as a high ride, low ride, cross draw and canted draw; both left and right handed. The Pancake holster will fit on any belt up to 2" wide.
Material The Pancake holster is comprised of a 6oz leather that has been treated to eliminate the oils, in order to reduce the chance of causing wear marks on your handgun. Due to the light weight leather you are capable of molding the holster to the body lines of your gun.
Retention This holster works on friction hold. After wet-molding your holster to the body lines of your gun, you now have a perfectly fitted holster.
Frame Size
Common Guns The Pancake holsters come in 9 basic sizes of unformed holsters. Due to the large amount of guns on the market, we can not list all the guns that fit each holster so we have simplified the ordering process, by having you, the customer, give us the Make/Model of your gun and we will send you the correct blank holster for you to form to your gun.
Carry Positions Can be worn 90 Degree high ride or low ride; 15 Degree canted; 30 Degree cross-draw; small of the back; completely ambidextrous; can only be worn on the outside of the pants.